Our services

The areas we specialise in include:

Divorce or separation

With our professional help and guidance, we aim to make the process of divorce or separation as smooth as possible. Each family is different and we will help you find the best way forward for your personal situation. Our objective is for you to reach a solution swiftly and painlessly, avoiding unnecessary and lengthy legal battles wherever possible.

Financial settlements

We are experienced at helping couples reach agreements on the best way to split finances and assets in the event of a relationship breakdown. As always, our aim is to try avoiding the courts whenever possible 

Child law matters

The interests of the children will always come first in separation cases. At Nadat Solicitors, we take a very sensitive and compassionate approach to all matters concerning children and are highly experienced and qualified in dealing positively with such cases.

Domestic abuse

Domestic abuse can be physical, emotional, psychological, financial or sexual. Our role in these cases can include seeking legal protection in the form of an injunction order.


Cohabiting couples still have no legal rights. Despite what many people might think, there is no such thing as a common law marriage in the UK. Drawing up a legal agreement, with the help of your solicitor, will ensure you are both protected in the event of a separation.

Pre-nuptial agreements

More and more couples are seeking pre-nuptial agreements as a way of easing the uncertainty in the event of a future breakdown of the relationship. With many people marrying or remarrying in later life, this can be a way of trying to protect assets.

General family law matters

We are experienced at dealing with all areas of family law. Please arrange an appointment to discuss your individual situation and we can advise you on the best way forward.

Power of attorney

A power of attorney is a legal document that allows a person to act on another’s behalf in terms of health and welfare and property and financial affairs.


It’s easy to put off making your will, but this is an important legal document that everyone should have in place and update regularly. Having a will not only ensures your estate and assets go to the right people in the event of your death, it also eases the stress for any loved ones left behind. Take the time to talk through your will options with a member of the Nadat Solicitors team.

Change of name deeds

A Change of name deed is a legal document that makes any change of name official. This is not needed in the case of marriage, when changing to the husband’s surname.

Commissioner for Oaths, Power of Attorney, Immigration and Residential Conveyancing matters

We specialise in helping with a full range of issues in this area, including spouse visas, sponsorship, leave to remain and citizenship applications.

Please note, these are just our main areas of expertise and we are also able to provide assistance with many other legal problems including residential conveyancing services through our recommended Licensed Conveyancers at no extra cost to our clients for the introduction.

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