101 Questions Answered About Separating with Children - 18/02/2019

Inayat Nadat, Solicitor of Nadat Solicitors is delighted to have contributed to 101 Questions Answered About Separating with Children, a new book to help separating parents keep their children’s best interests first. Nadat Solicitors are a long-term supporter of the social enterprise OnlyMums & OnlyDads and are a member of their Family Law Panel.

The book, published with support and collaboration of Bath Publishing, has been written by a number of expert family solicitors, barristers, mediators and other professionals. It covers the legal landscape, how to cope with the psychological impact of separation, what it means for children involved, and where parents can turn for further help and support.

Inayat Nadat, Principal Solicitor and a Resolution accredited specialist at Nadat Solicitors is proud to have used his expertise and extensive family law experience to support this good cause by making his contribution alongside other professionals from the length and breadth of the country towards this exceptional book, a valuable resource for parents going through a separation and providing them with some very useful information.

101 Questions Answered develops three key themes which help parents resolve issues:

1.     Improving relationship and communication skills with their ex-partner

2.     Determining what is genuinely best for the children (often requiring external support)

3.     Understanding the processes and mechanics of the law, family courts and different pathways to resolving issues, such as mediation, collaborative law and other approaches.

Director of OnlyMums, Rebecca Giraud continued, “101 Questions Answered aims to clearly explain family law processes, answering the most common questions that separating parents with a degree of authority. Throughout the book, we also made sure to emphasise how parents can save money when using professional advisers. We are delighted to have had Inayat Nadat, Solicitor of Nadat Solicitors share their expertise in this book.”

In his foreword to the book, President of the Family Division The Rt Hon Sir Andrew McFarlane said:

“Irrespective of the current pressing problem that may have caused a parent to pick this book up, any reader would be well advised to invest the time in reading it from cover to cover, thereby gaining a real ‘feel’ for the approach of family law professionals and the courts in general to these important and difficult problems.

The book is available now directly from www.onlymums.org and www.onlydads.org , Amazon and all other online and high street booksellers.


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